Recent record-breaking rain in South-East Queensland caused major flooding in the region, but homes and businesses weren't the only properties impacted.

Ventia is responsible for the maintenance of school facilities, playgrounds, gardens and cleaning of seven schools from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast, and all were affected by the flooding, with three receiving significant damage. 

This included flooded classrooms and lifts, gardens being washed away and mud and debris covering much of the external grounds. Excavators were brought in to clean up the mess outside, and extensive cleaning was required in the classrooms.

Ventia Project Director Karen Lewis-Underhill said her team put in a herculean effort in the few days flood-affected schools were closed, to ensure students could return to a safe and dry environment with new equipment and facilities.

If it wasn't for them hosing out rooms and steam cleaning wet carpet, we wouldn't have gotten the job done in time for when the kids returned to school the following week.

"It was a huge clean-up job, which was hampered by some staff being flooded in and unable to leave their homes, so I want to thank them for their fantastic teamwork to successfully complete this difficult task in a short space of time."  

Pictured above: Damage to school grounds caused by flooding 

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