Our purpose is to make infrastructure work for our communities. This is what unites us and excites us. It’s why we do what we do; it’s why we exist. 

Our values guide our thinking, decisions, and behaviour.

We put the safety and health of our people, our clients and our communities above all else. It is a fundamental guiding principle for everything we do. 

Redefining Service Excellence is our approach to delivering service excellence to our stakeholders. We differentiate ourselves through our client focusinnovation and commitment to sustainability. Our strategy encourages us to create a culture where we seek to improve every day to deliver successful outcomes. Redefining Service is our blueprint for success, brought to life by the pride and passion of our people

We deliver on our purpose by bringing our values and behaviours to life. Our values guide how we go about our business; the decisions that we make and the actions that we take every day. They ensure we focus on what’s right, and what action we ought to take; even if it’s not always the easiest course of action. 

Our logo

The distinctive graphic design on our logo is what we call the Venn.

It is named after the Venn diagram, an illustration which uses overlapping circles to represent the relationships among sets of things. The start of our name – Ventia – reinforces this connection.

Just like a Venn diagram, our Venn represents the importance of our relationships and connections, and symbolises our aim to simplify complexity, provide clarity and develop logical solutions.

We especially value the areas where our people, clients and communities intersect. This is where we operate and where we engage with, listen to, and learn from one another.

The Ventia brand colours used in our Venn represent aspects of our character.

  • The dark green represents strength and dependability
  • Bright blue reflects creativity and ability to find new and better ways of doing things
  • The lighter shades of green express purpose in making infrastructure work for our communities and the positive impact we can make by working towards a sustainable future.