Why Ventia - Ventia Awards - A personal commitment to safety
14 November 2018 Read in 1 minute

A personal commitment to safety

Key highlights
  • Meet our 2018 Ventia Awards finalist – Darryl Dyson
  • Darryl received Highly Commended for our Brand Award - Putting Safety and Health Above All Else
  • Darryl leads his team in prioritising safety and health and taking action to create a safe work environment
  • His unwavering focus and commitment contributes to exceptional safety performance 

Pictured: Darryl Dyson
At the OPS-1 Project (Operations and Maintenance) in Darwin, Darryl Dyson’s strong focus and commitment to achieving a high-performance safety culture in a dynamic, construction-based work environment is getting noticed – and not just by us.

During Darryl’s time as SHEQ Manager at OPS-1, the team has received multiple accolades for safety performance including the client’s Gold Standard Award three times in 2017 and twice in 2018.

OPS-1 is a unique environment with many risks and challenges. Darryl has taken great care to address and effectively manage the project’s changing risk profile. 

His rapport with the client, his peers and the workforce fosters a culture where people feel they can speak up and raise issues that need to be addressed, and Darryl consistently takes ownership to resolve any that arise.

The current safety record of the project speaks for itself: 2.5 million work hours lost time injury free and 1,200 days recordable injury free. While the entire team is to be congratulated on this excellent safety performance, these results are also a testimony to Darryl’s professionalism and his commitment to putting safety and health above all else.