Why Ventia - Ventia Awards - Delivering new ways to monitor road assets
15 November 2018 Read in 2 minutes

Delivering new ways to monitor road assets

Key highlights
  • Meet our 2018 Ventia Awards finalists - Ventia’s Transport and Vianet teams
  • The team was awarded Highly Commended to our Brand Award - Bringing Technology to Deliver New and Innovative Ways of Working
  • The team implemented remote monitoring of road assets using our innovative Vianet sensor technology 

Pictured: The Vianet team and Khriston Murphy and Andrew Spence
Our Transport and Vianet teams have collaborated to pilot innovative sensor technologies on the Ventia Boral Amey Joint Venture in South East Queensland. The outcome? Optimisation of productivity and safety, a reduction in the time from when an asset is damaged and when it is responded to, and further opportunities to enhance the way we manage assets.

Currently the only way to know when a road asset, like a wire rope barrier, has been struck or damaged is by physically checking. This practice puts both workers and road users in potential danger.

By using low powered, wide area (LoRaWAN) network technologies, our Vianet team worked closely with Contract Manager Andrew Spence and New Works Manager Khriston Murphy to create a bespoke sensor solution that allows assets to be remotely monitored from a control room. The multiple sensors ‘talk’ to the network operations centre, revealing a complete picture of an asset’s status in real-time and reducing the need for live inspections. Proactive decisions can be made to avert an incident or determine if a response is required.

The technology is being piloted in a number of different scenarios, all of which are showing excellent results so far.

The first Vianet application provides live 24 hours a day, seven days a week monitoring to detect trespassing and graffiti vandalism. The second application monitors wire rope damage and a third has been established to detect rising flood water at creek crossings.

In these applications, passive and proactive monitoring of assets has created both operational efficiencies and a safer working environment for our team.
“The opportunity for this technology is vast, and current trials have shown extremely positive results,” says Contract Manager Andrew Spence. “We are broadening the possibilities for the sensors and have several other applications in development.”

The technology presents many opportunities to enhance the way we manage assets in our Transport business and beyond, positioning Ventia as a true market leader in asset management and incident detection.