Why Ventia - Ventia Awards - Graduate delivers smart app solution
15 November 2018 Read in 1 minute

Graduate delivers smart app solution

Key highlights
  • Meet our 2018 Ventia Awards finalist - Laurence Marie-Pierre Rivard
  • Laurence was awarded Highly Commended for our Brand Award - Creating Value for our Clients Through the Delivery of Quality, Low Cost Solutions
  • Laurence showed great initiative in developing a mobile-enabled reporting app to provide real-time capability to manage traffic incidents

Pictured: Laurence Marie-Pierre Rivard
When our Gateway Motorway Services team was awarded the contract to deliver Traffic Incident Management Services (TIMS) to the M1/M3 project in Brisbane, they only had a short time to devise a cost-effective way to collect information from the field and send it to road safety industry stakeholders.

Graduate Engineer Laurence Marie-Pierre Rivard immediately took ownership of this challenge, researching, designing and implementing an ingenious web-based, low cost and reliable system that provides real-time capability to manage traffic incidents.

The mobile-enabled reporting app called eCOW, or an ‘electronic Collection of Works’ for TIMS providers, allows teams to send an incident report, along with real-time photographs and geocache information from the field to stakeholders. The app also issues an escalation email from the scene.

Laurence dedicated her own time to ensure the delivery of the app over a tight delivery period and shared all her knowledge throughout the design phase to ensure the team has the knowledge to enhance the app in the coming years.

The user-friendly platform doesn’t require user training and provides a portable, automated data capture tool. With less time needed to perform data entry and reporting, our incident response teams are on the road faster.