Why Ventia - Ventia Awards - Industry legend inspires team
15 November 2018 Read in 1 minute

Industry legend inspires team

Key highlights
  • Meet our 2018 Ventia Awards finalist - Dr John Hunt 
  • John was awarded Most Outstanding for our Brand Award - Being Known for our Talented and Engaged People
  • John is a recognised leader in the field of contaminated land remediation 
  • He is a great inspiration and mentor to many of Ventia’s Environmental Services team

Pictured: Dr John Hunt
Dr John Hunt really knows his stuff. Widely regarded as one of the world’s leading experts in the remediation of contaminated land, John works in Ventia’s Environmental Services team. His knowledge and experience in the characterisation, delineation and remediation of contaminants is highly respected, with his advice frequently sought by federal and state government agencies.

John has been at the forefront of his industry since the early ’90s, working with teams to create solutions for some of Australia’s highest profile and complex remediation projects.

As the ‘brains’ behind the introduction of many technical solutions in Australia, including thermal treatment technologies, John isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo and, in turn, influence best practice.

Passionate about his field, John is even more passionate about supporting people to learn and grow. A great teacher who freely shares his knowledge, John mentors and coaches many of the Environmental Services team, and is often quoted as a reason why people join Ventia and the reason they stay.

Principal Environmental Scientist Remediation, Matthew Clutterham says, “It is a real privilege to work with one of the gurus in our industry. He is always willing to spend time to discuss lessons learned throughout his long career and share his experience.”