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8 August 2018 Read in 1 minute

Keeping Brisbane traffic moving

Key highlights
  • Meet the finalists of our inaugural Ventia Awards 
  • Clem7 Tunnel Team - our values award - deliver excellence 2017 finalist 
  • Every day, the team keep a close eye on traffic conditions across all segment of the busy Brisbane tunnel
  • In seven years, the team have managed a total of 18,000 incidents and 2,750 days with zero lost time injury

Left to right: TCCO operators with their awards in the control centre - Kahu Cooper, Alan Hilton, Dave Hau, Scott Allen, Tim Keogh and Matthew Hatton.

Behind the scenes on road and tunnel networks right across Australia, teams of people work on keeping things running smoothly so you can get on with your day. 

One such team are Toll-road Control Centre Operators (TCCO) for Brisbane’s Clem7 Tunnel -  people like Kahu, Alan, Dave, Scott, Tim and Matthew (pictured).

Every hour of every day teams like this one keep a close eye on traffic conditions, monitoring a video wall with live data and 24 CCTV screens depicting traffic conditions for each 60m segment of the tunnel.

The TCCO team have managed a total of 18,000 incidents in seven years with zero contractual breaches, a strong safety record of 2,750 days with zero lost time injury. 

Proof of the excellence with which the team delivers for Brisbane motorists has come through contract renewals and client recognition, thanks to a focus on teamwork and continuous improvement. 

Read about how the Clem7 team was named as one of the top 100 businesses nationally at the last year's Australian Business Awards’ (ABA). 

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