Finding better ways, for our clients and our industry

The world around us is transforming at a rapid pace. So must we. More than that, we need to stay one step ahead. So we don’t spend time worrying about whether we can achieve it, we work out how we can achieve it, and then make it happen. At Ventia, innovation is all about problem-solving and proactive research – making things better, easier, more cost effective or more efficient for our clients and for our industry.

Whether it’s working with international university research teams on new remediation techniques or through our partnership with an Australian technology incubator (see case study below) we have access to the best technology innovators in the industry.

Innovation means doing things differently. This could be as simple as finding a better way of doing what we already do today. It could be expanding our offering with new products and services in response to changing client needs. Or it might be even more complex, like introducing a new process or technology that has a major impact on how we operate.

In order to lead the way in infrastructure services by harnessing the power of technology, we continue to deepen our focus on innovation.

Our Innovation Program is built around ‘six P’s’: Purpose, Platform, Process, People, Partners and Performance. We embrace different perspectives, challenge assumptions, envision possibilities and then accelerate them by collaborating to amplify our collective strength.



Our Cicada Innovation partnership

A new partnership announced on 1 June 2017 is at the heart of Ventia’s goal to be a technology-enabled services company. This new innovation partnership is with Cicada Innovations, an award-winning Australian technology business incubator. Cicada is dedicated to connecting organisations with innovative technology start-ups, leading tech disruptors and researchers.

Our partnership with Cicada will connect us with first-to-market ideas and technologies that apply to our operations, enhance our products and services, or address specific industry or customer challenges.

Owned by four leading Australian universities, Cicada is home to one of the largest and most successful communities of entrepreneurs in our region. The partnership supports technology scouting, enabling us to identify first-to-market ideas and technologies that could apply to our own operations or processes, enhance our products and services, or address specific industry or customer challenges.

Our partnership with Cicada is just one way we are integrating innovation into the way we do business at Ventia.

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