We are Ventia

We are a values-driven organisation.


Do what's right

  • We deliver what we say we will
  • We are open, straightforward and honest
  • We care for each other’s wellbeing and safety
  • We treat everyone fairly and with respect


Achieve more together

  • We work together to bring the best to our clients and communities
  • We understand our clients’ needs and add value to their business
  • We share resources to get things done
  • We listen, respect and respond to different points of view


Drive to deliver

  • We understand what best looks like and we deliver this to our clients
  • We hold each other to account and we manage consequences
  • We work with discipline and rigour
  • We are energetic and passionate about what we do
  • We have the courage to lead change


Create better ways

  • We innovate to the benefit of all of our stakeholders (shareholders, clients, communities and employees)
  • We bring continuous improvement to our clients
  • We seek out and share knowledge and ideas