Ventia's SAP Ariba supplier support

We value our relationships with the suppliers who work with us and recognise the critical role they play in helping Ventia operate sustainably, transparently, and responsibly.

Ventia uses SAP Business Network (formerly SAP Ariba) for all sourcing and purchasing activities, as it streamlines and simplifies the process for our suppliers and subcontractors. Ariba is also the world’s largest Business to Business (B2B) network and is used widely across public and private sectors in Australia and New Zealand.​

Terms and Conditions

Note: Ventia only requires suppliers to transact through the free Standard Account.

Getting Started

  • If you would like to see an overview of the Ariba Supplier Enablement Process, click here.
  • You should Attend A Training Session where we will demonstrate how to register on Ariba, the invoice process, and how you can set up the Ariba Workbench.​
  • Your Purchase Order will be submitted to your Purchase Order email address you previously shared with Ventia. You MUST receive a Purchase Order from Ventia before providing goods or services, as you need this to register an Ariba account with Ventia.  ​
  • Register Your Ariba Account using the Purchase Order Ventia emails you. Click on the blue Process Order button to register your Standard Account (free of charge). ​
  • Note that if you have an existing Enterprise Account, Linking Accounts with Ventia will incur fees for all Ventia transactions.  ​
  • You can Customise Your Workbench to see your Purchase Orders, invoices, and other documents with their status. ​

Accessing Purchase Orders and Submitting Invoices

  • Once you provide Goods or Services, you can Submit Your Invoice against your Purchase Order in Ariba. ​
  • Add Supporting Documentation to your invoice, like timesheets/site approvals. ​
  • Rejected Invoices are invoices that have been submitted incorrectly. The Ventia requester will let you know the reason and instructions for how to resubmit the invoice.​
  • Document Statuses are displayed against Purchase Orders and Invoices to indicate what stage they are at (New, Invoiced, Approved, Rejected). ​
  • If you have processed the invoice incorrectly, the Requester may ask you to Process a Credit Memo to reverse the invoice. 

Operating your Ariba Account effectively 

  • You can Change Email Address for your email notifications for your Purchase Order email address or the email address associated with your Invoices.
  • You can Update Your ABN/Tax ID so that it defaults in each invoice you submit.
  • Forgot your Password? You can easily Reset Password from the login page for Ariba to email you a Reset Password link.
  • An Account Administrator is set up when you register with Ariba. If they leave the company or the role, change Account Administrator to someone else, and ensure the username and password has been handed over. You can also contact Ariba to discuss if  your Account is Suspended for this or any other reason. ​
  • You can Create and Assign Roles to provide others in your team access to Ariba and the necessary permissions to perform their roles.​


Need Support?

If you have an issue with your Purchase Order, please contact the Ventia employee who is engaging you for goods or services (your requisitioner). If you have technical queries, please click here.