Our Australian electricity team is supporting the delivery of renewable energy to businesses across NSW under our contract to deliver Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services at the West Wyalong solar farm in the Riverina region of NSW. 

Under the contract, we are performing all operational and maintenance activities including substation maintenance, inverter maintenance, panel and structure inspection, thermal imaging of panels (using drones), panel cleaning and facility management,  

In addition, we are performing Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system monitoring and control, which is utilising our Ventia Operations Centre (VOC) expertise, a key differentiator for our business.  

The West Wyalong solar farm has been delivered by PCL Solar Australia, through investment from the asset owner Lightsource bp and incorporates 15 power conversion units, 425 combiner boxes, 33,501 piles (supporting the solar arrays) and 200,284 modules. 

The farm will generate 238,000 MWh of clean renewable electricity each year (equivalent to the usage of 42,034 homes annually) and will supply renewable energy to 88 of bp's service stations across NSW.   

Ventia is continuing to build our presence and expertise across Australia and New Zealand's burgeoning renewables industry. Our focus today is on providing end-to-end solutions to a changing energy industry landscape, through innovation and leadership.  

Ventia Executive General Manager for Energy Networks and Renewables Agathe Gross said our team understand the critical importance of generation, transmission, and distribution infrastructure to support communities. 

"We work in New Zealand on renewable assets, and in Australia we're looking to grow our business across several areas including solar and wind farms, and that would either be the full balance of plant or just the electrical balance of plant, and then associated sub-stations that would go with that," Agathe said.  

Learn more about our work across energy networks here: https://www.ventia.com/industries/energy-and-electricity