Often after you discover a brand, you suddenly start seeing it everywhere.   

This was the case for Business Graduate Abhay Joshi who, after researching Ventia as part of his application to our graduate program, started seeing our logo on trucks in Auckland and learning that is one of our local government facility maintenance contracts in New Zealand. 

After completing a double degree in Information Systems and Marketing at the University of Auckland, Abhay discovered our graduate program through the Prospel portal, which connects students to internships, graduate programs and graduate jobs. 


Insights into marketing strategies for Telecommunications

Abhay’s first rotation with Ventia is in our Telecommunications business with a focus on strategy and marketing. 

“One of the projects I’ve been working on is the monthly update to our entire New Zealand business,” Abhay says.

I’ve had the opportunity to connect with people from across New Zealand to discover what projects or significant events are happening, to help share the good news

The update includes a video, so developing a script along with recording, editing and distributing the update has been part of the learning process. 

Abhay has had opportunities to represent Ventia's Graduate Program at events across New Zealand

Navigating Ventia's rotational Graduate Program

“To learn more about the business, I’ve also attended the Auckland SteerCo meetings that many of the different business leads attend to discuss strategy, and I have been to Christchurch to visit sites including the Lyttleton Tunnel and the telco business.” 

The opportunity to explore different parts of Ventia’s business is open to all our graduates, however when you’re working in an enterprise team you really get to explore a lot of the business. 

“Through these rotations I am looking forward to figuring out my strengths and understand where I’d like to go with my career,” Abhay says.

Not all grad programs give you the chance to explore different parts of their organisation, so that’s what I liked about Ventia’s program

Abhay's tips for grads deciding their next career move

He advises other grads that taking the opportunities that are offered to you will really help you build a network and then figure out what you want to do next. 

“It’s also important to know that it’s ok to make mistakes, you’re new to the corporate environment and you won’t be judged,” he says. “My experience is that you actually receive feedback and guidance. If you need a hand, people are always willing to help you.” 

Abhay representing Ventia's Graduate Program at events in New Zealand

If you’re interested in exploring graduate opportunities with Ventia, visit our Graduate Careers page below. Applications for the 2025 program open 1 July 2024.