About our award-winning program


The #VentiaGrad program is a two-year program consisting of three rotations over a two-year period, helping you to discover and learn about the many different parts of our business.

Your rotations will take you out of your comfort zone by giving you the chance to work in both corporate and in-field work environments, providing you with the opportunity to identify your goals and focus areas through meaningful work assignments, projects and networking.

As a #VentiaGrad, you will be provided with ongoing mentoring, peer support and a variety of learning opportunities to accelerate your development.

Industries you could gain experience in

Not only will you have the opportunities to work on exciting projects and contracts, you'll also be exposed to our day-to-day operations, developing a better understanding of what our teams do in the field and how it contributes to our broader business strategy.

Being placed in a defence industry graduate role offers a unique and exciting opportunity to work with us at the heart of Defence capability, whilst embarking on a rewarding career path. 

As a defence industry graduate, you will gain firsthand experience working on projects and initiatives that have a direct impact on the defence and security landscape. You will be exposed to diverse aspects of the defence industry, ranging from technology development and strategic planning to customer service improvements on bases or land management initiatives.

A graduate role in the resource and utilities industry will give you the invaluable opportunity to actively participate in projects and endeavors that directly influence the sector's growth and stability. Covering business sectors from renewables to remediation, energy networks to engineering services, there’s a wealth of variety to explore.

You will be immersed in a wide range of areas within the industry, encompassing technological advancements, procurement processes, and strategic decision-making. By engaging in these activities, you will acquire on-the-ground knowledge and expertise, shaping your career in the resource and utilities industry.

A telecommunications placement provides a unique and comprehensive learning experience with opportunities to work on exciting projects in the telecommunications industry, gaining valuable hands-on experience.

You'll be exposed to various facets including network design, installation, maintenance, and optimisation. Collaborating with experienced professionals and industry experts you'll learn from their expertise and gain insights into best practices as well as projects that are on the cutting edge of emerging telecommunications capability.

As a transport industry placement, you will have the chance to work on impactful projects that contribute to the development and improvement of major transportation infrastructure and services. This includes areas such as road networks, highways, bridges, tunnels, intelligent transport systems and public transportation systems.

You will gain practical knowledge and skills in areas such as project management, asset maintenance, traffic management, community engagement and sustainability practices.

In a corporate placement, you will have the opportunity to work within various departments and functions of the organisation, such as People & Culture (HR), Finance, Corporate Affairs, Strategy and Social Sustainability - to name a few!

This placement will provide a comprehensive understanding of the inner workings of a large corporation and gives you a birds-eye view of Ventia. It will allow you to contribute to key initiatives and projects across the business.

Graduate opportunities don't stop at our defence, resources, telecommunications, and transport industries!  

As Ventia is one of the largest essential services providers in Australia and New Zealand, we work across many other industries including education, energy & electricity, health, industrial, justice, local government, maritime, minerals... and more.

Perks & benefits

The Ventia Graduate program is designed to provide aspiring professionals like you with an extensive array of growth opportunities, ensuring a smooth and successful transition from university into the realm of work life. Our program encompasses a wide range of professional development initiatives, including specialised leadership programs, technical skill enhancement courses, and comprehensive soft skill development workshops.

The Ventia Graduate program equips you with the necessary skills, knowledge, and networks to thrive in your chosen field. We are committed to your growth and success, and we look forward to being a part of your professional development as you transition from university to work life.

As a participant in the Ventia Graduate program, you will have the invaluable opportunity to be paired with a senior leader who possesses a wealth of demonstable experience and expertise. This mentor will play a pivotal role in your professional growth, helping you unlock your full potential and providing long-term career support.

Your mentor will be carefully selected based on their knoweldge of our organisation, their extensive industry knowledge, accomplishments, and their ability to guide and inspire emerging professionals like yourself. They will serve as a trusted advisor, offering valuable insights, perspective, and guidance tailored to your unique goals and aspirations.

At Ventia, we place a strong emphasis on supporting employees in their professional development by encouraging them to pursue further education that is relevant to their career path.

We understand the value of lifelong learning which is why we actively foster a culture of continuous learning. We empower our employees to acquire new skills, deepen their expertise, and remain at the forefront of their respective fields.  

Through our supplier networks across Australia and New Zealand, Ventia has arranged a number of offers and discounts available to our employees including health care, novated car leases, travel, and accommodation.

Additionally, our VenPerks program is our employee benefits platform where you can save on everyday purchases at hundreds of Australian and New Zealand retailers such as Apple, Airbnb, Cotton On Group, Uber and Uber Eats... and many more!

The application process

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Applications open

Date: 1 - 31 July

Submit your application to Ventia's 2025 Graduate Program by selecting the Graduate Job ad on our Careers page that best matches your qualifications.

Once you have applied, watch out for an email acknowledgement of your application which will contain important information on next steps.

Initial screening

Date: July

The initial screening is conducted to ensure you fulfil the basic eligibility criteria in terms of work rights, graduation date, relevant degree, and values alignment.

We will also view your CV, cover letter, academic transcript during the initial screening process.

Online assessment

Date: July

The online assessment(s) measures the top competencies required to thrive as a #VentiaGrad.

The main purpose is to evaluate if Ventia is the best place for you and your growth, which is why it's important to answer as accurately as possible.

Video interview & Assessment Centre

Date: August & September

The video screening is a short interview. If successful you'll be sent an email with further instructions, and at a time suitable to you, simply record the answers to the questions. Remember, this is an interview. We recommend you treat it as professionally as you would a face-to-face situation. These will run in August.

Assessment centres will run for approximately 2-2.5 hours and will take place online over Zoom in September. It's a great opportunity to meet senior stakeholders, recruiters as well as other #VentiaGrads. Make sure you prepare appropriately; this is as much an opportunity for you to get to know Ventia better, as it is for us to get to know you. 


References and medical checks

Date: September

We will request to speak to one or two of your referees.

We will also send you instructions on how to conduct any neccesary checks to ensure we meet our health and safety requirements.

Job offer

Date: October

Once the evaluation process is complete, we will notify all successful candidates of their acceptance into the #VentiaGrad program. 

This placement will commence in January 2025.

Frequently asked questions

Not sure how to apply? Have a question about a role? Or just looking to ask a question? Read our FAQ’s page to learn more.

Award winning program

Our graduate program has achieved Top 100 status each year since it began in 2017. Australian Financial Review magazine and the GradConnection jobs platform have published a list of the most popular employers among Australia's new graduates for the past seven years.