After almost 10 years with Ventia, Dimity Agland has certainly fit a lot in, and in many ways has grown up with the company.

Starting as an administrative assistant, Dimity has worked her way up to now lead Business Development for the Rigs & Wells business unit.  

She is a remarkable asset to our company, and a testament to what can be achieved when we work hard, and accept the challenges and opportunities presented to us head-on. 

Here, Dimity tells her story. 


Dimity, what has your 'Ventia career journey' looked like? 

I started my Ventia career with Easternwell Camp Management in 2014 as a Business Administration Trainee - at the very tender age of 20! It was my first full time job. I started off in an accounts payable role, and after completing my traineeship, I undertook various roles including training administration and crew logistics.

In 2017 I moved into the Easternwell Energy (rigs) business as a Proposal Coordinator. Two years later I completed a secondment in the operations team supporting our Shell QGC contract, where I learnt the day-to-day responsibilities of running operations and supporting the contract.

I was then able to move into our Commercial department as a Contract Administrator, and eventually in 2022 took on the role of Team Leader of the Contracts team. And now here I am - in June I moved into my current role as Business Development Manager for Rigs & Wells


What does your average day involve? 

Every day involves learning, which I love! I am primarily responsible for connecting with and understanding our clients' needs, which in turn supports our business growth requirements.

I also manage our Key Account plans, growth pipeline, and assist the Senior Management Team with understanding our position in the market and making strategic decisions. 


What do you love about your job? 

First and foremost - my team. I am very grateful to work with such supportive and passionate people. Secondly, the industry: it's such an exciting, dynamic and constantly evolving industry. Lastly, no day is the same around here, which I really love.

I'm involved in and have exposure to multiple teams throughout the business such as finance, commercial, supply chain and our operations. It is a thrilling company to work for.  


Can you mention any projects of particular note or interest? 

Workwise, I have been incredibly lucky to work on several major proposals and negotiations that have delivered great results for the business.  

A recent personal project of particular note is becoming involved with Queensland Women of Wells - a support group for women within the industry that is driving change and increasing education around females working in oil and gas.

I have had the opportunity to present significant data to our business on female participation and will be supporting some projects moving forward with this great group. Watch this space! 


What do you think has been the secret to your successful career - rising through the ranks from an administrative trainee to leading business development? 

My willingness to learn and give everything a go. I give 100% every day. Each position I have held has been an opportunity for me to try something new and learn as much as I can. If you remain comfortable then you are never learning. So, learn to be uncomfortable!  


Would you encourage other women to join the oil and gas industry? 

I would encourage women to do anything they wanted to do! Whatever you are passionate about go for it! And if you are concerned or not sure, reach out to those already in the industry. We have some great, supportive people in this industry who are always happy to share their stories, including myself. Make the call, ask the question, have the yarn, and give it a go! 


What is your vision for the future of this industry? 

The changing dynamics of automation, artificial intelligence, and emission reducing equipment is exciting to see. I am looking forward to being a part of Ventia as we bring in new equipment and technology to meet market demand, while continuing to keep our people safe. 

In terms of people, I don't see oil and gas as being a male dominated industry for much longer. I know and have met so many incredible, smart, talented women within this industry, and there are many more coming through the ranks.

It's very exciting to be part of this journey and evolution, and to see the industry becoming far more inclusive. I can see the step change already happening, there are more and more women working in the field and applying for roles. 

My vision is a safe and approachable industry for both women and men, no disconnect or bias, just people working together in the industry because they love it.