Jabiru Bombers Men

Ventia has thrown its support behind local football club, the Jabiru Bombers in the Northern Territory.

Supporting the local communities in which we operate, even in the most remote locations, goes to the heart of our DNA - to make infrastructure work for our communities. 

The Jabiru Bombers Football Club, a local AFL team in the heart of the NT, has been bringing fun, competitiveness and social connectivity for more than 40 years to the region. 

The main township in Kakadu National Park, Jabiru has a population of approximately 750 people and is located 253 kilometres south-east of Darwin.

The team often travel over 500 kilometres eight to 12 times a season, and on some occasions when the Arnhem Highway is flooded, they travel via Pine Creek travelling over 900 kilometres to Darwin and back.

Travel distances some of our own Ventia team are not unfamiliar with. 


Jabiru Bombers women

The Jabiru Bombers Football Club has been bringing fun and social connectivity to the region for more than 40 years.


Stephen Densmore, the chair of Ventia's Northern Territory Regional Steering Committee, said: "Sport plays an important role in rural and regional Australia. It impacts community identity, sense of place, social interaction and better health for residents in the region."

"In the Northern Territory, we have a workforce of 1,000 locally employed people who deliver projects throughout some of Australia's most northern and remote regions", he said.

Our people don't just work in these local communities, we live here, our children go to school here, we spend our money in town, and we support local clubs, like the Jabiru Bombers Football Club.


Jabiru Bombers Women

The Jabiru Bombers women's team 2022-2023.


The sponsorship will help the club support its remote-based players to participate in the season and purchase essential training and medical equipment.

Jabiru Bombers Football Club President, Tamara Spence, said: "Support from local companies like Ventia is essential to our club being able to continue to provide valuable sporting and recreational opportunities for residents in Jabiru and the surrounding region." 

Jabiru Bombers Football Club celebrates its 40th anniversary

This month, our people joined players, supporters and the broader community in celebrating the Jabiru Bombers Football Club's 40th anniversary. 

Ventia's Business Development Manager for Environmental Services, Ian Brookman was moved by the love and affection for the club's teams and the community bond shown at the event.

It was truly a celebration of community, spirit and place. There were some very funny tales of what the club had been through to get to where they are today, and I loved every moment of it.

"The opportunity to meet people in the communities where we work is a special part of how Ventia makes infrastructure work for communities. It was great to see community spirit alive and well and kicking goals in the Top End. Go the Bombers!" 


The Jabiru Bombers men and women

Ventia recently joined the players and the community in celebrating the Jabiru Bombers Football Club's 40th anniversary.


Ventia in the Northern Territory

Ventia has a proven record in managing complex projects throughout the Northern Territory working closely with local employees and businesses to deliver value for our customers and contribute to the economic success of the region.

Currently, Ventia provides maintenance services for LNG onshore processing facilities in Darwin; drilling and environmental services at Ranger Mine; complex maintenance, estate management and support services for defence bases; and telecommunication services throughout the territory.

Previous projects in the region include drilling and well servicing for natural gas projects in the Amadeus Basin and McArthur Basin in the Northern Territory; and a land rehabilitation project at Cox Peninsula whereby Ventia and the Northern Land Councils Kenbi Ranger Group (Kenbi Rangers), were awarded Best Collaboration in Natural Resource Management in the NT Natural Resource Management Awards.

Learn more about our work in the Northern Territory.